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An Inventory of National and Sub-National Rules and Regulations concerning the Planning, Development, Management and Operation of Hydropower Projects.

The objective of the inventory is to compile the existing laws, rules, regulations, and other principles in each MRC Member Country, concerning hydropower development, into a single register. The inventory focuses on each member country's institutional and legal framework concerning the hydropower sector, whilst trying to systematically follow the hydropower development process. The focus is upon mapping the framework from early options assessment, selection process of project proponents for MOU, project feasibility stages and decision-making considerations to actual project implementation including commercial arrangement for the sale of electricity and tariff arrangements, financing arrangements and procurement of contracts to install the infrastructure. It also inlcudes available laws on hydropower operation, including price regulation, revenue distribution arrangements, taxes and other benefit sharing mechanisms, it tries to document the rules and regulations in place in each country for each step in the process. It should be noted, however, with specific laws missing or untranslated as well as sectors of the hydropower development process seemingly unregulated, this inventory is not complete. It is expect that, in most countries, law not able to be found or unable to be translated may actually cover some the gaps in the development process. However, it is doubtful that they could cover all the gaps. Perhaps the most interesting outcome of this inventory is that it serves to highlight distinctive focus of each of the member countries regarding the regulation of hydropower. Emphasizing that, despite their close physical proximity, each of the member countries legal frame works are defines and formulated based on different sets of rationals and variables.

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