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Integrating Gender in Transitions to Renewable Energy in the Lower Mekong Region

As the world increasingly prepares for renewable energy transitions, the Lower Mekong Region (LMR) governments are formulating long-term renewable energy targets. However, achieving an energy transition in a region so dependent on fossil fuels is a monumental technical, economic, social and political challenge. The interests of global, regional and national elites often do not match the energy needs and environmental vulnerabilities of the poorest people, and there is no guarantee that the transition will transpire in
a gender-sensitive and socially inclusive manner. Most renewable energy jobs are expected to be in manufacturing, construction and engineering: fields where women are significantly under-represented.

Published by: Stockholm Environment Institute - Author: Mortensen, Sofie; Boyland, Michael ,
Published on: Jan 2019 - Uploaded on: Mar 2019
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Keyword(s): Energy , gender , Lower Mekong Region
Category: Economy