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Greater Mekong Sub region Power Trade (Laos) Project  

Greater Mekong Sub-region Power Trade (Laos) Project. Ban Hat in Champasak Province (Laos) to Stung Treng (Cambodia) : environmental management plan

The ultimate development objective of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Power Trade Project is to lead to the realization of an integrated GMS Power Grid and increase economic trade among the participants. The attainment of this objective and removal of barriers is expected to take several years. Nested within the aforementioned long-term GMS framework, are two projects: the GMS Power Trade (Cambodia) and GMS Power Trade (Lao PDR). They are being prepared simultaneously and have the following three immediate development objectives: (i) to bring affordable grid-based electricity to Cambodia's provinces of Kampong Cham and Stung Treng, through import of power from Lao PDR and Vietnam; (ii) to supply affordable grid based electricity to the province of Saravan in Lao PDR in the near term while establishing a portion of a transmission link that would in the medium-term help interconnect Cambodia and Thailand through southern Lao PDR to increase power trade among them; and (iii) to help establish load dispatching facilities and capabilities in Lao PDR, that would enable it to optimize its system operation and facilitate its participation in regional trade. This environmental assessment includes two volumes: 1) the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Ban Hat-Veunkham-Stung Treng 115kV Transmission Line Project (Laotian Side); and 2) the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for the Xeset-I to Saravan 115 kV Transmission Line System and associated Substation in Saravan. Some

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