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Farm Forestry in Semi Subsistance and Monetary Economies and Its Inter Dependency with the Land Tenure System Case Studies from Central Laos  

Farm Forestry in Semi-Subsistance and Monetary Economies and Its Inter-Dependency with the Land Tenure System-Case Studies from Central Laos

The objective of the present research work is to identify the role of farm forests in differently developed rural economies in central Laos, as well as to characterize the interdependency of farm forestry and the land tenure system. To do so, the study employs the theoretical concept of Land Capability Classification as well as the Farming System Approach. The investigation is conducted as and explorative field research that follows the principles of the Case Study Approach. It comprises the comparative assessment of three cases that cover a variety of bio-physical and socio-economic conditions. The research is based upon a combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis approaches.

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