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Community Forest Management Planning  Facilitator's Filed Guide3rd Version  

Community Forest Management Planning -Facilitator's Filed Guide3rd Version

The approach presented in the following has been developed by SFDP Song Da out of field experiences and testing of the participatory forest resource assessment methodologies during the April-May 2003 in villages in Son La Province (Yen Chau District) and Lai Chau Province (Dien Bien District). Existing methodologies have been adapted and modified to fit better into the Vietnamese and the local context by SFDP field staff. As a result, SFDP published a session material guide, providing for a detailed schedule on the facilitation of a three-day training course on participatory forest resource assessment and subsequent management planning. This document has been rearranged and supplemented in order to better fulfil the request for participatory forest assessment and management planning on the scale covering the entire village forest resource. Furthermore, the existing methodology of participatory forest management goal elaboration, an essential part of the forest management planning procedure likewise elaborated and published by SFDP Song Da, has been modified and incorporated to supplement the PFRA-methodology.

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