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ng d ng  nh vien th�m si�u Pho (hyperspectral) v�o viec theo d�i qu� tr�nh sa m c ho�  

ng d ng nh vien th�m si�u Pho (hyperspectral) v�o viec theo d�i qu� tr�nh sa m c ho�. Nghi�n c u th nghiem t i Tabernas, T�y Ban Nha

Hyperspectral sensing and its application for desertification monitoring ? Case study in Tabernas, Spain Many studies showed that conventional Remote sensing image such as SPOT and Landsat can be use to map land use/land cover as well as to predict salinity level, nutrient status of the soil. However, those conventional image with a few spectral bands may over smooth the reflectance characteristic of the surface. Hyperspectral remote sensing is a promising data source to over come this problem . A general introduction of hyperspectral remote sensing , its principle, characteristic, typical sensor, and application has been presented. Case study on desertification monitoring in Terbernas, Spain, showed that hyperspectral image can be used to map desertification feature with the accuracy of 71%.

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