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Strategic Plan 2005   2010. National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI).  

Strategic Plan 2005 - 2010. National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI).

This report is structured as follows: . [<b>Chapter 1 </b>provides a brief overview of developments in the agricultural and forestry sectors in Laos. It presents key GOL policies that affect the agricultural and forestry sectors. These include policies for socio-economic development, especially the National Growth and Poverty Eradication Strategy, as well as policies that affect NAFRI as August 14, 2004. . <b>Chapter 2</b> presents an overview of NAFRI?s current situation. It start with a presentation of NAFRI's most important outputs (technologies, management practices, training, dissemination, publications, and services). It then reviews NAFRI?s existing strategies; it describes the organization's governance, organization and structure; it discusses NAFRI's current management processes and presents a brief overview of the resources at NAFRI's disposal. . <b>Chapter 3</b> presents the analysis of strength and weaknesses in NAFRI's internal environment based on the result of a stakeholder workshop an technical meetings with NAFRI staff. Strengths and weaknesses are discussed in relation to NAFRI policies, governance and mandate, its structure and organization, its research management processes, its resource management, its partnerships with other organizations and its programs and activities. . <b>Chapter 4</b> analyzes threats and opportunities in NAFRI?s external environment. It discusses changes in the international context (markets), national context changes (policies), and changes at the provincial and district levels that affect NAFRI. The chapter also presents an overview of the institutional and policy environment and the key actors that play a role. . In <b>Chapter 5</B> NAFRI strategies are presented for internal and external issues and constraints. Internal environment strategies are presented under the following headings: Governance and mandate Structure, organization and coordination Research planning, monitoring and evaluation Human resources management Management of other resources Management of partnerships and linkages NAFRI Programs and activities Strategies that address issues in NAFRI's external environment include: Policy and governance issues Institutional and research actor issues Socio-economic issues Resource issues Planning and implementation issues <b>Chapter 6</b> presents the results of the national level priority setting for NAFRI, describing methods and procedures used, and the results of the commodity and non-commodity priority setting work, both overall for NAFRI, as well as for each of its Centers. . Finally, <b>Chapter 7</b>] provides a summary overview of the main adjustments that NAFRI will need to make in order to meet internal challenges and to reposition itself in a rapidly changing environment.

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