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Water Quality Data Review  

Water Quality Data Review.Final Report

Through this report a full assessment of the MRC water quality database is presented. The assessment focuses on quantity and quality of water quality information, temporal and spatial coverage, and also on the data handling procedures. . Water quality information was provided by MRC in a series of separate, and sometime overlapping Excel files. Therefore, much time was consumed checking for file content to avoid repeated information and to define and select database content. . Based on the content of the source files, the contractor and staff of the MRC Environment Programme (EP) agreed upon the list of stations, parameters, and units. . Water quality information was organized in three main databases -- one for Basic parameters, which is the largest with 12,334 sampling days or registers from 99 stations; one for Microbiological parameters with 588 sampling days from 22 stations; and the third for Pesticides with 804 results from 37 sampling sites. . Because of information about the data is restricted to the database itself data quality assessment was performed based on [ determination of non-sense1 values, outliers for each parameter and each station. A suite of reliability criteria that were developed for this database. A Reliability Score (RS) that was developed to qualify each sampling day based on the various reliability tests.] All the testing results and calculations involved with the RS are included in the database and it has been proposed that this be retained as a quality control procedure. Throughout the report, results for database content, modifications, rejections, and temporal and spatial coverage, and the RS are reported for each station, for each country and for the basin as a whole. . It is recommended that this procedure be further developed to include procedures and methodologies to validate each step of the monitoring process, i.e., sampling, handling, analyses, data capture and transcription. This activity would form part of a larger QC/QA program. . An immediate action that can be taken is to convert the Excel files as templates to handle the information from the national labs. This action will require an agreement on format, units, parameters, reliability criteria, and data interpretation; it will also promote involvement of the national labs on data quality control.

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