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Guidelines for Community Based Forest Management1st Draft  

Guidelines for Community-Based Forest Management1st Draft

In implementation of forest land allocation policy in the last 5 years Dak Lak province has tested and started the replication of forest land allocation to community, user-group and individual household. According to the statistics recorded by the Provincial Forest Development Department (FDD), around 20,377.5 ha of forests and forest lands (exluding the areas contracted to the people under Decision 178/2001/TTg) have been allocated to 14 village comminities, 32 use-groups and above 500 individual households in 5 districts, namely Ea H'Leo, Krong Buk, Krong Bong, Lak and Ea Kar. . Consequently, the devolution in forest management has affirmed and officially adopted the good traditional practice of "community-based forest management" of the local ethnic minoritiy communities in Dak Lak as well as in the Highland Area. The promotion of this forest management will support the enhanced role of villagers, particularly ethnic minorities in forest protection and development. . Apart from forest management by the government, the establishment and development of community-based forest management concept requires further adjustments and improvements in terms of institutionalization, financial and technical issues. In cooperation with Rural Development Daklak, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) has established pilot models on community-based forest management in Lak and Ea H?Leo districts. The guidelines for "Community-based Forest Management" have been developed based on the experiences made in the pilots. . These guidelines were presented in an evaluation workshop at provincial level on 02- 03/12/2004, where necessary amendments and supplementary information have been determined. Respective changes have been incorporated in the guidelines according to the results of the workshop. DARD would like to express its gratitude to the consultant team including Mr. ?ng Thanh Li?m - national CF expert, DoNRE staff and Assoc. Prof, Dr. Bao Huy, from T?y Nguy?n University for their support in the elaboration of these guidelines.

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