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Lao PDR National Report on Protected Areas and Development  

Lao PDR National Report on Protected Areas and Development. Review of Protected Areas and Development in the Lower Mekong River Region

The Lao PDR Protected Area and Development Review (PAD Review) has been a busy and exciting period of consultation and analysis. The results of the PAD Review are largely documented in this volume and have far-reaching implications. We can now more clearly understand the vitally important role of protected areas in our national development. They provide the essential bridge between our economic development and the conservation of resources on which it depends. . This report clearly shows that the extraordinary reservoir of natural resources in our protected areas is critically linked to economic development at the national, provincial and local levels. To foster these links we need to invest in maintaining and conserving the development benefits which protected areas provide. Thus, this PAD report is made on the basis of the exploration of inter-relationships between economic development, governance and protected areas; natural resource management and protected areas; and sector development and protected areas.

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