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Na Mo District Agro ecosystems Analysis.Draft Report.  

Na Mo District Agro-ecosystems Analysis.Draft Report.

This report documents the results and achievements of the Agro-Ecosystem Analysis (AEA) and Agro-Ecological Zoning (AEZ) activity of the district agro-ecosystem. Agro-Ecosystems Analysis (AEA) is a methodology for zoning and analyzing agricultural systems in order to plan and prioritize research, extension and development activities in the fields of agriculture and natural resource management, while Agro-Ecological Zoning uses map overlay techniques and various map sets produced from data sets held in the NAFRI GIS Unit data base. The procedures of both AEA and AEZ are presented in this report. . During the AEA activity in Na Mo District, the draft manual on AEA and AEZ, based on the Phonesay AEA, was further tested and assessed in order to improve it.

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