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Small scale teak plantations in Luang Prabang province, Lao PDR   Silviculture, ownership and market.  

Small scale teak plantations in Luang Prabang province, Lao PDR - Silviculture, ownership and market.

This Minor Field Study was done in the Pone Xay district the Luang Prabang province in the north of Lao PDR during August and September in 2003. The objective was to describe and analyse the current tenure system and the silvicultural practices of Teak plantations and to discuss its long-term potential to improve farmers' livelihood. In 12 out 13 villages in the Pone Xay district the village headmen and a sample of the teak-owning families were interviewed and at least one of their teak plots was visited. Our results showed differences in teak-owning among ethnic groups; 31 % Lao Loum, 17 % Lao Theung and 21 % Lao Seung, as well as among the wealthy, with 29 % of "surplus farmer" versus 19 %o in three sample villages. Out of the 195 families who owned teak, 23 families have sold the plantations which, when expressed in seedlings is 18 300, which equals 10 %. About half (52 %) of the interviewed farmers intended to continue with a second teak plantation after the current one, 21 % say that they won't continue, and 27 % don?t know yet. A majority of the farmers answered that they have thinned (80 %) and pruned (62 %) in their plantations, however, none of the visited the plots had been pruned or thinned so far, i.e. in the scientific meaning of the words. To analyse the entire market chain of teak outside the district and/or province, interviews with saw-mill owners, merchants, traders and government administrators were made on transport and labour costs as well as teak prices. The main finding is that prices offered by middlemen to farmers varied between 100 and 200 USD/m3, depending on size and quality. Assuming a teak value of 100 USD per cubic metre and a standing volume of approximately 10 000 m3 spread over 80 hectares in the Pone Xay district, it would be worth one million (1 000 000) US dollars.

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