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Protected Areas and Development in Vietnam   Lessons Learned  

Protected Areas and Development in Vietnam - Lessons Learned

This lesson paper is a contribution to the national review of protected areas as part of a regional initiative - A critical review of protected areas and their role in Socio-economic development in the four countries of the Lower Mekong River Region. It reflects on recent experience in protected areas policy and management and how it relates to development in Vietnam. The paper draws on a number of sources, including background papers and presentations made at national round table meeting on protected areas and development in Vietnam, held in Hanoi, Vietnam in September 2001. . The paper outline some of the basic features of the protected areas system, profiles institutional and policy changes over recent years and then examines some of the underlying issues that shape the way in which protected areas are perceived, established and managed in Vietnam. It reflects on recent achievements in protected areas thinking and planning, and examines what might be learned from these achievement. The paper also highlights some key challenges that must be addressed effectively if protected areas are to contribute to national well-being in its broadest sense - for example, through conserving biodiversity, protecting watersheds and coastal areas, providing resources for education and delivering economic benefits to those living in and around protected areas. . The paper does not review the protected areas system as a whole or specific experiences relating to management, institutional arrangements, financing mechanisms and education and awareness, except where these have important economic dimensions. Instead, it looks outwards from protected areas to review their economic contributions at the local, provincial and national level, and the various achievements and challenges facing Vietnam if these contributions are to be protected and optimised.

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