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Research Update: FSRE On Farm Trials 2004 2005 Cropping Season  

Research Update: FSRE On-Farm Trials 2004-2005 Cropping Season

In the cropping season, April 2004 to March 2005, the Farming Systems Research/ Extension Component implemented 12 On-Farm Research topics. This is in response to one of the main objectives of the Lao-Swedish Upland Agriculture and Forestry Research Program (LSUAFRP), namely: "To develop productive upland technologies and land management recommendations that are acceptable to farmers for poverty alleviation and sustainable use of natural resources." . The on-farm trials conducted by LSUAFRP in 2004 were grouped according to three major categories: (1) crop-animal systems; (2) integrated annual crop-based systems; and (3) integrated perennial crop-based or agroforesty systems. . The trials are now in various stages of implementation. The trials which are well-accepted by farmers include: fish+ rice; ducks + rice; goat + fodder bank; corn + legumes; fruit trees + crops; agarwood + crops and rubber + crops. These trials are being refined and explored for expansion in terms of area coverage and number of farmer participants. The other trials need further study and adjustments. Factors affecting technology performance at bigger scale will be studied. Adoption behavior of farmers, reasons for adoption or non-adoption of the technology options will be documented. . This report highlights the progress of those on-farm trials, the relevance and justification of the technology design, methods used, what has been achieved so far and what remains to be done in the coming 2005 cropping season.

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