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Tourism in Technical Co operation, A guide to the conception, planning and implementation of project accompanying measures in regional rural developme  

Tourism in Technical Co-operation, A guide to the conception, planning and implementation of project-accompanying measures in regional rural developme

Here, an orientation to the subsidiarity principle can not only lead to pragmatic solutions, but can also pave the way toward new collaboration models between development co-operation and the private sector. This Guide is a joint production by the two sectoral projects, 'Implementation of the Biodiversity Convention' (BIODIV) and the 'Tropical Ecology Support Programme' (TOEB). The subject of 'sustainable tourism' has long been the focus of both projects, albeit seen from different perspectives: the TOEB mainly approaches the issue within the framework of several project-accompanying, research undertakings, while BIODIV emphasises the question, as to the potential contribution tourism activities could make towards the preservation of biological diversity and how these could be realised in sustainable manner., This tourism Guide recapitulates the material gathered until now and places it in a concrete, practical project context. Even though tourism is not currently a priority issue in German development co-operation activities, it could be a meaningful development policy option - especially where regional rural development and nature conservation are concerned - if examined critically, planned competently and carried out prudently. This Guide intends to enable a realistic evaluation:, Involvement of German development co-operation would only be justified if the development policy benefits of tourism that can be achieved by a reasonable effort through tourism are greater than those of other optional courses of action., Furthermore, tourism is an activity that is particularly dependent on the rules and regulations of a globalised and increasingly dynamic market - with the respective consequences for planning complexity and the diversity of participating players.,

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