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Vietnam National Report on Protected Areas and Development  

Vietnam National Report on Protected Areas and Development. Review of Protected Areas and Development in the Lower Mekong River Region

In the past decade Vietnam has made remarkable progress developing its economy. The country's achievements in the 1990s were among the best in the developing world. However, this rapid economic growth has shown its weaknesses in that the natural resource has been used unsustainably and in some regions environmental quality has diminished. . This report is made from the attempts of many economic and protected area partners from all level of government and all sectors. it analyses the achievements and weaknesses of the protected area system and its relationship with community development and economic sectors such as water resources, energy, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, industry and environment. It proposes practical measures and solutions to overcome the weaknesses with a focus on strengthening the relationships between protected areas and local communities and application of the "user pays" principle to all development sectors that receive benefits from protected areas so that payments go to maintaining the resource base.

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