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Proceedinngs: FSRE Planning & Coordinating Meetings. 2005 2006 Cropping season.  

Proceedinngs: FSRE Planning & Coordinating Meetings. 2005-2006 Cropping season.

This document presents the review, planning and coordinating meetings conducted by the Farming Systems Research/Extension Component in preparation for implementation of activities for the 2005-2006 cropping season. It consists of two parts: . Part 1. Proceedings of the FSRE Review and Planning Meeting was held at NAFRI, Vientiane. It was attended mainly by senior program officers and research managers. The evaluation and recommendations for each of the research topics relate to: (1) technical suggestions to improve system productivity and sustainability; (2) information requirements to show economic profitability (3) recommendations to ensure purposive inclusion of women and the poor. Eleven of the twelve on-farm trials were recommended to continue activities for 2005. They are now in various stages of implementation according to the model of FSRE approach to development. . Part 2. Proceedings of the FSRE Coordinating Meeting was held at NAFReC, Houykhot, Luang Prabang. It was attended by the FSRE Research/Extension staff consisting of researchers from NAFRI and NAFReC. The extensionists come from the District Agriculture and Forestry Offices (DAFO) of Phonsay and Namo. The Head of the FSRE Component presided over the meeting. In attendance also were the Head of the Haddokeo Horticulture Research Center and the FSRE adviser. . The coordinating meeting resulted to clearer understanding of the tasks for 2005 cropping. Notable is the effort of the research managers to put in place strategies to facilitate the smooth and timely implementation of the field activities. These included reorganizing the research teams per district, clarifying roles and responsibilities, systematic record keeping and monitoring of field activities. The FSRE Component looks forward to improved performance this cropping season.

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