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Sub Area Analysis and Development. The Se San/Sre Pok/Se Kong Sub Area  

Sub-Area Analysis and Development. The Se San/Sre Pok/Se Kong Sub-Area. SA - 7C

The 'Sub-Area Analysis and Development' study for the Se San / Sre Pok / Se Kong Sub-Area (SA - 7C) has been prepared by the Cambodia National Mekong Committee as part of the Basin Development Planning Programme. This report is based on data conveyed by the relevant provinces in the sub-areas, as well as existing documents at Cambodia National Mekong Committee and the Mekong River Commission, collaborative efforts of line ministries, and other existing literature. In addition, stakeholder consultation was undertaken and the outcomes of Working Group Sessions were analyzed. The document consists of two parts (1) Sub-area study and analysis, and (2) Sub-area scenarios and development strategies and covers the following sectors: (1) Irrigated Agriculture, (2) Watershed Management, (3) Fisheries, (4) Water Supply, Waste Management and Sanitation, (5) Flood and Drought Control and Management, (6) Navigation and Transportation, (7) Tourism, and (8) Hydropower.

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