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National Sector Overviews  

National Sector Overviews. Vietnam

This integrated report on National Sector Overview of Vietnam was prepared by the Vietnam National Mekong Committee, following the Basin Development Plan (BDP) process agreed upon by countries in the Lower Mekong River Basin comprising of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam. The report presents basic data and information on the Basin?s part of Vietnam, its Sub-areas (SA) - the Central Highlands (sub-area 7V) and the Mekong delta (sub-area 10 V) - as defined by BDP and relevant development policies covering eight (8) Sectors, namely, 1) Electricity, 2) Agriculture, 3) Fisheries, 4) Forestry, 5) Tourism, 6) Inland Waterway Transportation, 7) Water Supply and 8), Flood Control. The report consists of 4 main parts: 1. Potentials for development of the lower Mekong basin, 2. Status on social economic development of sub-area 7V and 10V, 3. Orientations for economic sectoral development and the water use demand, and 4. Recommendations.

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