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Sub Area Study and Analysis, 5T Sub Area  

Sub-Area Study and Analysis, 5T Sub-Area

The 'Sub-Area Study and Analysis, 5T Sub-Area' has been prepared by the Thai National Mekong Committee in cooperation with the Department of Water Resources as part of the Basin Development Planning Programme. . This report has been written in order to provide an introduction to the problems, expectations, as well as the vision of the future of sub-area 5T regarding mainly water related issues. It is based on the internal documents of the Planning and Cooperation Committee, data conveyed by the relevant provinces in the sub-area, as well as existing documents at Thai National Mekong Committee, collaborative efforts of line ministries when the National Sector Review has been written, and existing literature. . After an introduction into the national water related planning, the report provides baseline data referring to the sub-area, which are followed by an analysis of development opportunities.

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