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Emergency response to artemisinin resistance in the Greater Mekong subregion. Regional framework for action 2013-2015

The detection of P.falciparum resistance to artemisinins in border areas across the Greater Mekong subregion is a matter of great concern.Expanding access to artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) is part of the reason for the remarkable recent success in reducing the global malaria burden.

Published by: WHO - Author: WHO,
Uploaded on: Aug 2014
File size: 2.9 MB - Language: English
Keyword(s): antimalarials-therapeutic use , artemisinins therapeutic use , drug resistance , malaria-drug therapy
Category: Health

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Dam Standards: A Rights-Based Approach

In many countries, the most applicable means of protection for people affected by dams are national and local laws.But too often, laws alone are not strong enough to protect the rights of affected communities.Increasingly, companies, banks, and governments commit to follow internationally-recognized standards.

Published by: International Rivers - Author: Michael Simon,
Published on: Jan 2014 - Uploaded on: Jul 2014
File size: 1.2 MB - Language: English
Keyword(s): civil society , dams , communities , environmental standards
Category: Environment

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Mysterious Mekong: New Species Discoveries 2012-2013

An extraordinary 367 new species were discovered in the Greater Mekong in 2012 and 2013.Among the species newly described by scientists are 290 plants, 24 fish, 21 amphibians, 28 reptiles, 1 bird and 3 mammals.

Published by: WWF - Author: WWF,
Published on: Jun 2014 - Uploaded on: Jul 2014
File size: 2.2 MB - Language: English
Keyword(s): plants , amphibians , reptiles , bird , mammals
Category: Biota

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Climate Change and Rural Communities in the Greater Mekong Subregion: A Framework for Assessing Vulnerability and Adaptation Options

This report presents the methodology and lessons learned from a climate change adaptation study conducted under the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Core Environment Program.The study yielded a framework and methodology for assessing climate vulnerability and adaptation options for rural communities in the GMS.

Published by: Asian Development Bank - Author: Asian Development Bank,
Published on: May 2014 - Uploaded on: Jul 2014
File size: 2.6 MB - Language: English
Keyword(s): Climate Change , Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) , Environment
Category: Environment

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Central Mekong Delta Region Connectivity Project: Rapid Climate Change Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

The Central Mekong Delta Region Connectivity Project aims to enhance connectivity across provinces of southern Viet Nam and Ho Chi Minh City.It includes two major bridges, a 15-kilometer road connecting the two bridges, and approach roads.

Published by: Asian Development Bank - Author: Asian Development Bank,
Published on: Apr 2014 - Uploaded on: Jun 2014
File size: 3.2 MB - Language: English
Keyword(s): Climate Change , Environment , transport and ICT
Category: Climatology/Meteorology/Atmosphere

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Greater Mekong Subregion Economic Cooperation Program: Regional Investment Framework Pipeline of Potential Projects (2013–2022)

The Regional Investment Framework puts into operation the new Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Economic Program Strategic Framework (2012–2022) that was approved at the 4th GMS Summit in December 2011.

Published by: Asian Development Bank - Author: Asian Development Bank,
Published on: Jun 2014 - Uploaded on: Jun 2014
File size: 545 KB - Language: English
Keyword(s): Agriculture , trade facilitation , transport , tourism
Category: Economy

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Dawna Tenasserim Landscape project leaflet

WWF is conserving the Dawna Tenasserim Landscape as an intact ecosystem with protected and connected habitats for wildlife, and safeguarding its valuable ecosystem services for local communities and the nations of Myanmar and Thailand.

Published by: World Wide Fund for Nature - Author: World Wide Fund for Nature,
Published on: Feb 2014 - Uploaded on: May 2014
File size: 628 KB - Language: English
Keyword(s): ecosystem services , Dawna Tenasserim Landscape , habitats , local communities
Category: Biota



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